We strongly believe that our own well being is tied directly to our clients’ well being. How they succeed in business is how we will prosper. With that in mind we strive to protect our clients’ financial investments as if it were our own. Integrity, honor and a high sense of ethics guide our every choice for our clients. We realize that our clients place a great deal of trust in us and we constantly strive to be worthy of that trust. We consciously and continually provide Service by Design.


We are a group of independent Information Technology (IT) Professional computer system integrators who have joined together to provide a comprehensive set of services for our Clients. This diverse group of professionals consists of both older broadly experienced and younger more specifically focused individuals. Age plays no factor in our professionalism, only knowledge, experience, and dedication to the company philosophy as outlined above. No one individual knows all there is to know about computers, but by combining our diverse backgrounds we provide an offering of services to our clients that equals a much larger organization at a fraction of the cost.

William H. Jett, who had an active and prosperous career for over 25 years with IBM, founded the company in 1992. As an Electronic Process and Test Manufacturing Engineer with IBM, Mr. Jett held many positions both in leadership and in technology development. When IBM restructured internally, Jett utilized an opportunity to leave IBM and founded Jett Incorporated. He built into the company structure the same high standards and principles of integrity and service historically enjoined by IBM to all it's employees. Mr. Jett has been involved with Information Technology for over 40 years and has gathered around him several leading technology professionals in Charlotte.

Individuals associated with autotech hold numerous certifications and authorizations in the IT field. Just some of these certifications are; Certified Firewall Administrator, Certified Network Administrator and Certified Network Engineer and MCSE. Mr. Jett personally holds several certifications and titles from several prestigious companies and instatutions such as the International Academy of Science. Some of these are Gigabit Networking Alliance (WGNA), Certified Network Administrator, WGNA Certified Network Engineer, Acellus Certified Engineer, Certified Senior Fellow Manufacturing Engineer (SME), and Certified Firewall Administrator.

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